Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Our Foreign Policy Really That Weak?

(Don't forget to scroll down to March 4 where the Mark Schauer hilarity begins.)

My husband and I were talking over lunch today and he began to wonder what would happen if an attempt were made on Hillary's life given the attack on the Pakistani cricket game. His first reaction was that it would make the Europeans have to come off the fence on one side or the other.

My mind jumped to the dissing attitude Obama has for the UK and return of the Churchhill bust which had a place of honor in George W's office but Obama couldn't even just send it "down the hall" or find another location for it. He just had to get rid of it. Poor Mr. Brown--he was really treated quite shabbily.

So the question is: do we have any allies left in the world other than Canada since the Obama group has gone out of their way to tick off Columbia and Mexico who were sorta friendly before?

My guess is that we probably wouldn't have much of a reaction other than a "Just try something like that again and see what happens!" which is something like "just wait until your father gets home." It didn't take long for the kids to figure out what kind of bluff that was, right?

Oh, and before I forget it----did he really have to saddle up Air Force I to make an announcement that he had saved 25 jobs in Ohio? How much did that little maneuver cost the public? If he does that for every 25 jobs gained, we'll go bankrupt flying the darn plane!

Oh, well...........

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