Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amnesty, Sharia Law and Psychiatry

First-how does Obama square the sending of troops to the border states to try to thwart drug runners with Napolitano and other governors not using their states' National Guard units with their position of amnesty (and votes) for all aliens, legal as well as illegal?

Second-how is it that Muslims don't just have their own financial institutions to deal with their God-given rules and regulations against charging or paying interest, but expect that our banks should figure out a way around their laws for them?

This topic hit home after reading a piece about Minnesota trying to deal with real estate problems in the Muslim population. (Not to mention the home grown terrorists being trained there.) Anyway, since I grew up there and still have family there, it is just beyond me that they can have such a top tier education system and sppear to just not understanding what is going on around them.

Third-in ruminating about how it is that the elites feel they have the right to foist their desires on the rest of the populace, it occurs that somehow they have acquired the mind-set which tells them they are entitled to whatever they want whenever they want it, that they are smarter than the average citizen and therefore they have a duty, yes a duty, to tell the rest of us how to live, what to think and what is good for us. "Just take your medicine, Johnny, it's good for you. Daddy knows best." Just how is it that these people have such a superiority complex and is there anything we can do about it?

Some years ago I used to read a magazine called Psychology Today which had interesting articles for the layman. Wonder if they have touched on this......

Haven't heard from Cascade Engineering, but their commercials are going strong.

God bless.......

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