Friday, March 20, 2009

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

The best thing about newspapers and the Mackinac Center is that a good deal of information is supplied using paper and ink. This makes it easy to put it aside until you have time to kick back in the recliner and read it when you have time. (Also, your email box doesn't get really, really full waiting for you to pay attention to it and either delete it after reading or putting it in a folder, etc.)

Received a Mackinac Center publication about Property Rights and it's chock full of abuses by DEQ restrictions and other governmental entities. It's really scary to hear that the DEQ now considers that social concerns and who has the right to make more money than someone else on a particular piece of land is a part of their mandate.

They also look at zoning and planning in their "mission." The owner of a McDonald's in East Lansing is apparently being threatened by being labelled as a brownfield and some social engineering in East Lansing may be the beneficiary.

The Governor has vetoed via line item the post of environmental ombudsman. Sure looks like they need some way to rein in this bureaucracy gone wild. Horror stories abound. Keep your eyes open. You never know where they will strike next.

Capped the day by attending "Late Night Catechism" at the local college this evening. Really enjoyed the constant giggles. Take a break--if we don't we'll all go a little nuts.

God bless..............

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