Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A is for Acorn, B is for Barney, C is for Commerce or corn for ethanol,

It probably wouldn't take too long to do the ABC's as a list of outrageous Washington activity, would it?

We can start with ACORN--you know the "community organization" group which was the only job on Obama's resume for awhile. Lawsuits against several of their units for fraud and corruption abound but, gee, who cares? We don't want to politicize the census so we'll give the job to ACORN because they are already organized............
You make up the rest---

Next is Barney Frank. What kind of gall does a guy have to have to sit there with a straight face and toss out accusations at AIG when he did as much or more in covering up the activities of Fannie and Freddie and then lie to the public as to what great shape they were in just weeks before the bottom fell out. He's a real piece of work.

We'll touch on Commerce first--does anyone want to place odds on the influence the new Secretary might have on keeping the census takers honest and apolitical? Not on your life!

As for Corn ethanol, I thought that had been put to bed when it was realized that without government subsidies coupled with the fact that it has a corrosive effect on engines. Some people never give up as we noted yesterday that auto dealers and some automakers (Ford's CEO) figure that $4 fuel is necessary to revive the industry.

NOW TELL ME! Do all of you who keep track of Mark Schauer remember that he claimed to have read the stimulus bill before he voted on it? Well he did. Now tell me this. Since everyone else in DC who had a vote claim not to have read the language that guaranteed the AIG bonuses, on whose head falls the responsibility (blame, if you will) for not warning the White House of the fallout? Why, Schauer's, of course. So, shouldn't he 'fess up and tell the rest of the world that he is oh, so sorry? And how can he make up for it? How about resign?

The Prez is going to be on Leno's show Thursday evening. My question: is he going to be paid scale like the other guests? Does Leno pay travel expenses? Or are the expenses coming out of his campaign funds? And shouldn't the Town Hall meetings he has ad nauseum also come out of the campaign fund? He just can't seem to get out of campaign mode. He keeps running and running and running, just like the Energizer Bunny.

Heard that the ACLU is trying to keep folks who work with Hospice from using the word (name) of God in public. Well, since the internet is public I figure they might come down on bloggers one of these days, so I don't want to miss a chance to ask God for his blessings on you every time we meet.

See you tomorrow.
God bless.............

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Eric W. said...

Lola, I found this article on my favorite blog, The SEIU is playing hardball with "Blue Dog" Democrats who refuse to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act, essentially blaming the death of a father of four at a Cintas laundry in Tulsa, OK, on the fact that the business was not unionized. The ad is despicable, to say the very least. View video here at: