Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Many to Count

What's the problem today?

Found out that when Obama decided the climate for cloning was ripe and funding for research into embryonic stem cells was appropriate he also decided it was time to pull the plug on adult stem cell research where all the progress has been made thus far. One hesitates to label anyone as intrinsically evil, but it's coming closer all the time. Also, a bill submitted by Dianne Feinstein makes it clear that certain cloning would not be allowed--the cloning referred to by Obama as unacceptable. What this really means is that some cloning would be acceptable.
Double talk at its best/worst.

Our local YMCA has problems that need to be rectified and I've never tackled anything of this magnitude before except in what might be considered an abstract situation which turned realistic. Not sure I'm up to it. Will keep you posted.

Decided to look into the Michigan company which makes the wind turbine a little further because Horror of Horrors! it occurred to me that some of the stimulus money which will come this way may be used by Gov. Jenny to pay for and have installed a whole bunch of these things. Wanted to find out how many jobs are currently being "saved or created" and how to follow the money to find out. If you'll recall, the 41+ year payback certainly would be a waste and total subsidy type operation.
One of the sources indicated a payback at 3 years. Impossible! So I wrote an email to the Engineering Dept. at Cascade to ask for clarification. Will let you know if I get an aswer.

An appointment made by a vendor for a church project didn't show which was another waste of time, so all in all, life's little frustrations were abundant today.

See ya tomorrow-

God bless..........

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Really looking forward to seeing what you dig up re: payback times on those turbines. Everywhere you look these days you see different politicians making different promises.