Saturday, March 21, 2009

Making us Pay for the Rope to Hang Us!

It appears that municipalities, townships, counties, etc. get together and hire folks to lobby for state funds to come back to local entities. Now, let's get this straight: we pay taxes to local governments, they use some of those taxes to lobby to get more money from the state who gets their money from: you guessed it--
OUR TAXES! There is something wrong with that picture!

Is anyone out there surprised? Outraged? Shrugging their shoulders? Thought so.

The only other bit of news today is that Jackson is joining the parade of folks who are getting tired of the constant parade of raising taxes and actions which will lead to hidden taxes, no matter whether it is a pass through from a business or a tax on materials which we end up paying while they try to tell us it's not a tax.

So we're going to have a Tea Party Under the Oaks! April 15 at 6:00. That way if Jackson County residents want to participate in Lansing at noon, they can do both.
It is especially fitting that a protest be held where the Republican Party put up candidates who believed it was wrong to admit more slave states in effect, putting their money and efforts where their mouths were.

We continue to take a stand when the threat is to the future of this country: the children in the form of huge national debts. Redistribution of wealth just doesn't fit the profile of the United States of America.

We'll keep you posted as the event nears.

God bless..........

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deerlady said...

I am so sick of paying more property taxes, and you name it taxes, where does it end?