Monday, March 23, 2009

When Too Many People Chase Too Few Dollars...........

What happens? Interest rates go up and up and up. When does inflation look good? When paying back a debt--the devalued dollar is easier to come by, right? And since some of those dollars were just printed to increase the supply, there appear to be plenty to go around. And when is a $500 rise in the stock market not as good as it looks? When it has been going down ever since early February when Geithner was supposed to present a "plan." So every day it was delayed and the market went down and down it had farther and farther to go up when he finally got around to his presentation. And don't forget, some of that plan includes private funding. Ya think some of the rise had to do with real money instead of rising debt/deficits? So don't clap too hard--it's illusory.

Anyone can just put on his thinking cap and come up with a half a dozen scenarios which would appear to be logical conclusions from the mess we find ourselves wading around in. I'd be willing to bet that the Tea Parties going on around April 15th have more than one target in mind. Some of us are hurting now, some are going to be hurt in the near future and some are concerned about their kids and grandkids.

Remember when we talked about the clean coal project written into the stimulus bill for that small town in Illinois? Guess what! Odessa, Texas also has a similar project. It appears someone was outfoxed. As it turns out, the reason for the astronomical price of $1.6 billion has to do with the cost of burying the CO2. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we try to pull the wool over someone's eyes (and it's especially frustrating when it's just a bunch of bureaucrats.)

If you're in the neighborhood, there is a 7th district meeting Thursday evening at Steaks Eatery and next week, the 1st Saturday of the month a Jackson County meeting at Steve's Ranch. Feel free to join us.

God bless...........

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