Saturday, March 14, 2009

Public Employees Oughta be Ashamed!

Is there anyone out there who can do the math or a websearch to get the numbers I need to make a case against public service employees?

I'm thinking like this: The largest group of union members is now to be found with folks whose salaries are paid through taxes. Teachers and others who depend on millages to keep the institution open have delegated their responsibilities.

The teachers who are in failing schools (whose union leadership's only concern is throwing more money at a problem and the heck with teaching kids) and the papaer pushers and talking heads plus clerical staff from the U.S. Capitol on down to the guy who gives you a receipt for your overtime parking ticket are what I'm talking about.

The statistics will show the salary range in various professions, but what they don't show is the thousands to millions of people who are taxed to pay those salaries. How many of those people have a union to fight back against the millions of dollars confiscated from them to pay for the union to influence legislators at all levels to tax them at a higher rate to pay the union members' salaries? None. It just seems to me a lot like "pleading the fifth." I don't want my own money used to tax me more. Does that make any sense in any universe?

This card check nonsense has to be stopped. It is un-American to take away a secret ballot and it is un-American to use binding arbitration against you and make you pay for the privilege. And it is especially un-American when those unions have bought and paid for the politicians who are touting their positions!

Oh, and by the way, if yesterday it sounded as thought I were speaking softly about the wind turbine business, that was not my intent. Just showing their side of the story. You can still see that adding in the cost of borrowing or using capital and paying or losing interest plus maintenance plus the initial cost and cost of installation in a low to even medium windy locale would be cost prohibitive.

And one more thing: The subsidies involved are stealing money from people who can ill afford it or disagree with it as is the cost of public service ads on the radio or television as part of the Greening of Michigan (and I'm sure many other states as well.)

I sound a little witchy this morning, but darn it! some things need to be said.

God bless.........

ps-Exception on public service employees: public safety--cops and firefighters. They need all the help they can get.

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Eric W. said...

Lola, I found this article on my favorite blog, The SEIU is playing hardball with "Blue Dog" Democrats who refuse to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act, essentially blaming the death of a father of four at a Cintas laundry in Tulsa, OK, on the fact that the business was not unionized. The ad is despicable, to say the very least. View video here at: