Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where do the Government Takeovers Stop?

According to the WSJ the foot in the door or the camel's nose under the tent happened this week. That sound is the other shoe dropping or the screech of fingernails on a blackboard, whichever scares you the most is to be found today on page A2.

"Widespread outrage over retention fast-tracking plans to give government officials the power to seize nonbank companies and freeze contracts at those firms. The House Financial Services Committee plans to vote as early as next week on legislation that would give the government this power. .....government already has such power over banks."

AIG is not a bank, but if you think the term "nonbank" covers only insurance companies or financial institutions, please think again. Just start thinking of all the ways that the government can make rules and regulations for wherever you work or wherever you may have invested money. Do you really want politicians making all the decisions which govern your lifestyle, salary, number of children, ........don't get me started. (Obama wants to change the way people determine charitable donations. It doesn't get much more personal than that.)

You can say one thing about the Muslims. They have the patience of Job and then some. While the rest of the world is killing kids by the millions through abortion, they are changing the demographics of the world by having more and more children. Today's news tells us that Brussels is 25% Muslim and their majority is not too far away. The rest of Western Europe isn't too far behind.

So while Obama and Pelosi think the economic ills can be solved by having fewer children, prepare yourselves for the cost-benefits on senior citizen healthcare. That can't be too far behind.

God bless........

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