Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the??? A Civilian Security Force?

What is that all about? A civilian force equal in strength to our military force?And medical personnel need to be trained in military methods? What is this world coming to?

And wouldn't you think Bart Stupak would be smart enough to keep a low profile and his head down rather than to team up with the likes of Henry Waxman which will only serve to embarrass him more? He should have someone on his staff if he isn't smart enough to know it himself, that those businesses are responsible to make these reports by government fiat?

What wzs that constant drum beat during the selling of the health care bill that all of us were paying $1000 per year to take care of the people who were getting care at the ER? Well, now that this is no longer the case, is there someplace in those 2800 pages where we should all have a cut in our premiums of something close to that $1000? Sounds logical to me.

Now here's a convoluted picture for you: we are working with Russia to decrease our stock of nuclear defense weapons. Russia and China are not moving very swiftly to buy into helping to force Iran into behaving themselves so when they let loose with nuclear weapons againsat Israel or some other American ally, will we be able to come to their assistance or will our huge debt to China and now Japan keep us from going to the aid of someone they aren't happy with.

What a tangled web--
God bless..........

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