Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open Letter to Mark Schauer

From the Cit Pat of Tuesday evening some of the legislative changes are questionable.

How can the 30 million people the Democrats say do not have health care, presumably because they can't afford it, receive a subsidy from those who are being taxed to pay for them, possibly pay a fine if they don't buy health care?

The Senior "donut hole" will give a $250 rebate next year. What if they are over the edge of the donut hole by , oh say, $100? And those in the gap the following year will receive a 50% discount. So, if they are still in the hole, they will get a 50% discount on 100% of their drugs? Please clear up this obfuscation.

What makes you think all seniors have co-payments on preventative services?

About those high-cost health care plans and medical devices--do all the unions in the country with Cadillac plans still get a pass? Will people have recourse to go overseas when American manufacturers stop making medical devices because they can't make a profit?

How will those with pre-existing conditions join a high risk pool for four years if they are on Medicare or Medicaid which are losing funding?

What will the pricing of health-insurance exchanges be relative to what Congress gets?

Will the tax credits to the more than 12,000 small businesses this year be a one time "fix?"

Do those "kids" up to 26 years old have to live in their parents' home? And do they have income limitations? And don't you think their marital status should be taken into account? With the social mores of the day what kind of provision will be made for those unmarried but responsible for child support? How about the fact that they may be on public assistance? If they are disabled shouldn't they be on SSI rather than their parents' plan unless they are legal dependents?

Has anyone really thought through some of these freebies?

And how about those who are making less than 25% of $250,000 and are seeing their taxes increase for health care?

Just asking---------
Does anyone think we'll get an answer?
God bless..........

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Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding commentary, Lola.
I might add a statement by Kathleen Parker on today's editorial page concering congressman Stupack: "The health care bill passed because of a mutually understood deception -- a pretense masquerading as a virtue."