Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unintended Consequences

It is so hard to believe that so many people are now seemingly accepting of the health care bill as a fait accompli and they are willing to live with it for "the good that it will do." What short memories!

When the news hit yesterday that the subsidies corporations were getting for continuing coverage for retirees will be stopped it boggles the mind to think of the total price tag when they not only stop covering them, but take their bottom line hit and raise prices to cover the costs plus what it will cost when they just stop the coverage and those folks will be added to the roles of Medicare, Medicaid and/or find they now have to pay for the coverage themselves.

This is probably pure coincidence, but we received a bill for my husband's tetanus shot because Medicare denied it and our insurance wasn't smart enough to figure out it falls into the "preventative" category so we have to get a doctor's explanation. Duh! No kidding. I asked the woman I talked to and she did not know the definition of tetanus..... First time in 13 years we have ever had a claim denied. Just wait. Undoubtedly they will just randomly deny claims so they don't have to make a pay out until later. It's always a good thing to operate on someone else's money, right?

Went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and looked around at all that sophisticated and expensive equipment which allows the doctor to help keep us in good visual health. Can't help wondering if there will be any improvements or breakthroughs in equipment which will keep someone from going blind which will not be available due to the high cost and taxes of getting it to the local office. Just thinklng.........

It is time to be very afraid for our country--
God bless.......

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