Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue - Again

Did everyone hear the Prez opine a few weeks ago that we really need to go with more nuclear power plants? The following doesn't sound as though he really meant it. Maybe he didn't think we'd pay any attention to how tough he plans to make it for anyone who decides we should follow his advice.

The following is from a friend of my brother-in-law. I'm not sure how to get the speech by Sen. Murkowski in its entirety, but I'm sure if you are interested and contact either Robert Dillon or Anne Johnson from her office you'll be directed to it. 202-224-7875 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 202-224-7875 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

The Administration plans to shut down the Yucca Mountain Commercial Nuclear Waste Repository. The Dept. of Energy is attempting to withdraw the license application (under pressure from the current administration) thus terminating the project which is generating lawsuits by those who use the facility.

Termination of the project without changing the law violates a number of laws, including the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, the Nat'l Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedures Act. It placed the government in breach of contract in agreements with nuclear utilities who need disposal facilities needed to dispose of spent fuel in agreements under the Federal Facilities Compliance Act. They are piling up all around the country.

Since any fines from these lawsuits doesn't upset the administration because, guess what? The taxpayer pays. Right now it's around $100 billion with more to come. Plus $11 billion already spent being wasted by shutting down, more than $30 billion paid into the nuclear waste fund passed on to us through our utility bills.

From Sen. Murkowski's speech: Settlement costs already are at $565 million with the remainder of the 71 cases in federal court over breach of contract, 10 having been settled, 6 withdrawn and 4 fully litigated. The remaining 51 cases include 13 having received judgment at $1.3 billion with the remaining 38 cases to be entered into.

There is so much more information, please call for the link.

Much to pray about-
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