Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Congressmen Immune to Lawsuits?

Since our Congressman cannot be accused of being bribed--he was an easy vote since he is one of the liberal elite who believes that his conastituents are stupid and he needs to do what he thinks best for them--I'm wondering if when he is defeated in November and is no longer a member of Congress, he would lose immunity if, in fact, he has it now.

I'm thinking that he has voluntarily signed on to everything Obama says and therefore if I find my care rationed, or if I lose my doctor or any one of the promises made "for my own good" fail that test, do I have a case?

Even if I would be convicted of a frivolous lawsuit at my age, it might be worth it just to give him some of the kind of grief he is giving us now.

Incidentally, Bruce's comment about the IRS garnisheeing wages hits the same angle I was thinking of on the handouts I used at the last protest. Right now the Medicare folks are garnisheeing my Social Security check. I have no choice in whether I have to depend on them as primary source of medical care. Bummer.

I may not be online tomorrow evening since Grandson Joe will be here Saturday afternoon until early Sunday afternoon. He is returning from a stint in Iraq but was called back early. I have been cooking his favorites and I have tunnel vision.

Have a good weekend--
God bless.........

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Anonymous said...

After all the ranting by Obama about clamping down on insurance rates, that isn't going to be in the bill. This was left out along with his main idea of the government running insurance for us. Then, all the deals he made are staying. Sen. Coburn is right, the crooked Dems had time to make earmarks but not to keep promises made by Obama.