Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jackson Cit Pat Explains Health Care Bill


The bill reads something like 2800 pages and the local paper says all we need to know is on one page of their newspaper with an accompanying article stating opinions of a few folks around town.

One lady, in particular, indicates that her household insurance and car insurance are "mandatory" so she doesn't mind, in fact welcomes, the mandatory health insurance because now she can include her 22 year old who can be included on her insurance. This is still questionable to me--are they trying to tell us that there will be no extra premium for extra dependents? I really rather doubt it.

And as for her house and car being insured, I would respectfully disagree. No one is going to fine her or put her in jail if she doesn't insure her house. She may choose not to do so, but there is no penalty for not doing so.

The same with her car insurance. The law says she must be insured and you must show proof of insurance to get a driver's license and a license plate for the vehicle. But there are any number of folks who purchase the first "time period" in order to get the proof and then let the premiums lapse. If this is not true, why do we all pay into the uninsured motorists' fund? When a young man who had been drinking but had not hit the legal limit, had no valid driver's license and no insurance hit my husband's truck and put him in the hospital, the uninsured motorists' fund paid out. The guy was ticketed for unsafe driving, but he was not jailed.

Sorry, Cit Pat, but there are still a gazillion questions in my mind about this bill. It's going to cost a lot more than $940 billion and the debt will not be reduced since the CBO was not given all the pertinent information.

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