Monday, March 29, 2010

Leonard Pitts--At It Again

Since I no longer read the Pitts column in the Cit Pat I didn't realize that he had done his usual bit of generalization at the expense of ordinary, grass roots types of folks again. That is, until today I read a local letter to the editor alerting me and then hearing it on the national news during the day and into the evening.

On occasion I read the first couple of sentences of his column just to see who he is skewering for the day, but his predictability means I don't have to waste any time on him any more.

According to Al Sharpton he used a qualifier this time indicating "elements" of a group, but we all know what he really thinks of us, don't we? It occurs to me that I could have retired a wealthy woman if I had accumulated a nickel for every time he has uttered the word "honky" or whatever term he uses to equate people other than African American.

It seems to me that we should all realize that there are the so-called lunatic fringe in all demographic ethnic, including Caucasian, groups who will look down on some other group. The best thing might be to say a little prayer whenever (hopefully very rarely) we hear a derogatory term used about any individual or group since it's usually the reaction that causes the problem

Enjoy the great temperatures this week--
God bless..........

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