Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazon, meet Toyota--

Now I remember why I said a couple of years ago that I would never use Amazon.com again. I placed an order for two out of print books in the used book section and they doubled the order and make it absolutely impossible to return them. And there is no way I know to get in touch with them. Does anyone have a phone # or email address?

And can anyone figure out why we received a notice today from the Census Bureau telling us that we would get a form in the mail in one week and we should return it post haste? More money down the drain......

The other piece of mail today was a fundraising letter addressed to me as a Democrat from our lovely Debbie Stabenow. Go figure. Just so you know, one Friday afternoon I called one of her District offices to give an opinion so she couldn't say she never hears the other side of an issue. All I got was an answering machine, so I called the next District office on the list and you guessed it--another answering machine. Now I'm wondering about the reason for this and called the remaining four offices in Michigan --it's 3:15 at this point--and got answering machines on each one of them.

Thinking that was a huge coincidence I dialed the D.C. office and asked what the District's office hours were and was told 9-5 every day. Didn't give them my name so maybe they do a cross check from Caller I. D. or something and now I'm on the mailing list.

Can't help wondering what the rest of this week is going to bring--
God bless..........

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Bruce said...

I wish I was on her mailing list! I don't know who said it first but I live by it to my wifes consternation:
"Know thy enemy!"
As I watch Obama speeches the wife is yelling at the tv in the background which means I have to keep turning up the volume. Gets real loud!