Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State's Rights Against Health Care

I'm not sure of all the details, but I attended a meeting this evening at which St. Sen. Cameron Brown told us that a bill to give Michigan citizens rights in opposition to the health care insurance expansion as presented by the federal government aka Obamacare.

There are 38 states at present with Arizona and Virginia leading the pack which would put some restrictions on the mandates required by Obamacare. Yesterday I heard a state legislator from Virginia indicating that when they pass their bill it will mean that when the President signs his bill it will automatically be stopped and sent to the Supreme Court to determine its constitutionality.

The Michigan Senate was short by two votes since it requires a 2/3 vote. It is now waiting under a procedural process for the next attempt to pass it.

If you live in a district with a Democrat Senator, please check it out and see if you can get him or her to sign on the next time around if he's not one of the two courageous Dems already committed.

Passing a "deemed" law is sort of like not taking a vote but calling a consensus--
God bless..........

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Maliki responded appropriately on TV to Obama's comment about not being concerned about the process of passing health care. She said you can't separate process from substance.