Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Many Last Words Can There Be?

At the beginning of this week we were informed that the President had given thirty-five (35) speeches on health care. Since he traveled to a different city every day this week and gave his last ditch effort and delayed vacation plans, one can only wonder how long this can go on. Does the phrase "Cry wolf" ring any bells? At current count it looks like he has given the last word in persuasion five times this week so the count must be at 40 now. But, who's counting.....

Didn't post last night since we had gone out to see "Late Night Catechism" and enjoyed it thoroughly. As I recall from last year's message part of the reason they are doing this series is an attempt to benefit retired nuns who gave their lives of service in either teaching or nursing for the most part and without salaries and pension plans are now hard pressed to keep body and soul together. Their message to us was "please do not ignore pleas for financial assistance if they pass through your desk or mailbox. Their years of service benefitted us even if we didn't use the services directly." I can help by passing it on.

Can't help wondering what Cong. Kildee of Michigan is receiving as a bribe for his "Yes" vote. Also can't help wondering if it comes out if he will be as embarrassed as the Nebraska Senator who had to try to disavow the promise. If you know him or know someone who lives in his district we can only hope it's not too late to try to get him to vote as he did earlier. Or if you do know him, is it a lost cause in that he really doesn't care if he is re-elected?

Enjoy the balmy temperatures of the next week, but don't become complacent. It's still March.

God bless.........

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Anonymous said...

Some anti-abortion Democrats in the House have balked at the health care bill, and it's not clear they will vote for final passage. This has to be a ploy to detract from the hard flaws of the bill. The last honorable Democrat was Adlai Stevenson and there are people age 65 who don't remember him.