Monday, March 1, 2010

My Face is Red--

#1-I made a mistake on the post regarding the census costs of their tour--it's "only" $150 per attendee.

#2-I checked online to see where the legislation is regarding what is required "by law" as far as filling out the census forms is concerned. It turns out there is something on file, but it didn't give the date or any detailed information. I have submitted a question for more information, but I'm not sure how long it will take.

#4-If anyone has ever called me and gotten the generic voice mail which goes along with call waiting and I didn't call back, sorry. I have never taken a call since I consider it rude to the person to whom one is speaking. I didn't know there was a voice mail until I called home the other day to talk to my husband and it dropped into voice mail since he was using the phone.

Today I finally called the tech support people and asked how to retrieve a message from a call which came in today. When I dialed star 99 and followed the prompts it ended with the knowledge that there were 106 messages on that machine. They go from last July until today and that's where they start. And apparently there's no way to delete them all at once or retrieve the one from today. What a pain! And how stupid does this make me?

#5-Apology before the fact since I hadn't already written about the rampant cronyism by the President but planned to.

After we were bandying about the word "crony," as it applies to all or most of the people Obama has surrounded himself with, we decided to look up the derivation and were really surprised to see that the definition was a simple "long time friend" and other seemingly innocent words. We had thought that the current usage usually indicates a rather negative aspect such as the "gangs" in Detroit, old time Philly, New York, Chicago and other areas particularly in politics or the mafia. Now that the SEUI guy has been appointed to the Fiscal committee I'm thinking the four dictionaries in this house are sadly out of date.

Took the lining out of my coat today-
God bless..........

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