Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AARP Health Care Denies Association with AARP

I called the Health care number today to ask if they were going to send out a letter of intent or some kind of notification that premiums would not rise since that is what Obama has been saying. Also asked to be sure that the same level of coverage would be honored. The woman to whom I spoke told me that AARP Health Care did not endorse or support the bill and were not connected with the Board of Directors of the AARP Association.

She then gave me a number to call about the political support issue.

A very interesting event. The phone was "answered" by a taped message indicating that if the caller were planning to attend a rally against the loss of Medicare Advantage, the caller was requested to leave their name, number and the site where they will be rallying. This tells me that there are going to be many AARP rallies by members who will be losing their coverage.

So now AARP looks like they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. If they have so many calls they can't answer them and need to use taped messages, they have a very large problem.

They were used by the President in attempting to sell the program to the public and now we can all see that they didn't have membership support.

They also asked others to leave their name and number and they'd call back. I'm not holding my breath.

Things are looking rather grim--
God bless........

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Anonymous said...

I let my Membership Lapse several years ago...Basically because, I seldom if ever used the "Benefits"; and grew sick and tired of being constantly Bombarded with Their Nonsense and "Special Offers"!!!

Unfortunately, they Still keep sending the Renewal Notices...I'm seriously thinking about sending back the Empty "Return Mailers"!