Tuesday, March 30, 2010

REAGAN QUOTE: One Day A New Generation Will Be Able To Say They Remember When This Was A Free Country

Perhaps not an exact quote, but the thought is quite exact. He was talking about the loss of freedoms just one at a time like the proverbial frog getting used to the water getting hotter and hotter and hotter..........

The statistics are getting to the point where we might be known as "Europe West" fairly soon. The President has such faith in the CBO, but does he truly listen? 90% debt in ten years? Sounds like Doomsday to me. How does "Socialism with Overtones of Shariah Law" sound?

Every one seems to agree that the President is extremely intelligent so I'm sure he has seen what many of us have received several times through the internet indicating that 200 years is about the age of attempts by the Romans and Greeks to experiment with Democracy. Right now, if that is to be believed, we are living on borrowed time. Seems to me that Obama put two and two together and figured we were ripe for the picking and Socialism would be an easy sell.

I truly was blind--I had no idea that most Democrats were chomping at the bit to enact legislation toward that end. I did not recognize the danger inherent in the label "Progressive." Now there are many Dems who wear the badge proudly.

Hopefully this is the opportune time to stop that movement, but it is going to take a supreme effort and some heroic leadership. We need to be thinking prayerfully.

God bless..........

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