Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

A friend who has a 4 year old grandson related the following conversation between him and his mom:

Mom tells him that we have to set our clocks ahead this weekend and thereby started the "why" questions. Why? Because it's the law. Why? Because the government said so. Why? Because it was voted on by the Congress and signed by the President.

Who is the President? Barak Obama. Do you mean that he is going to come to our house and turn our clocks ahead this weekend?

This was an abbreviated repeat, but I found it rather amusing. It would be really great if we could just keep him busy setting clocks, right?

Longtime readers will remember my favorite German word: schadenfreude which, for latecomers, means to take pleasure at someone else's misfortune. Am I the only one who giggled when listening to Monica Conyers trying to withdraw her guilty plea? And am I the only one who hopes Kwame doesn't get a new judge? And is anyone else waiting with bated breath to find out why an aide to Kwame's mom is being called to testify?

Called Schauer's office today and asked if he had made any promises not to vote for any tax increases and neither Washington nor Jackson had a clue. My reference was the change in the health care bill which moves the floor for being able to deduct medical costs from the excess over 7.5% of gross to 10%. This is a raise in taxes that hits anyone who itemizes taxes and it sure doesn't apply only to rich people.

If you're planning on attending the protest tomorrow, try to come early since as at the first demonstration last year there are plans to bus in Dems who will arrive early. Haven't listened to the weather report, but it might be a good idea to bring an umbrella.

See you tomorrow--
God bless..........

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Rory said...

Count me in I have a 3 kids who I always makes sure they get their checkups, vaccines and flu shots.