Friday, March 26, 2010

Not the First Time the Cngress has Mandated Personal Behavior

I am very resentful of the legislation which determined that I would have to go through all kinds of nip-ups in order to get cable TV. We don't do HBO or any of the All Sports, etc., etc. but we do enjoy some of the cable channels such as cable news, the History Channel, TNT, USA, etc.

The first time I had to connect a "box" at their behest it meant I couldn't use my GoVideo. They don't know it, but I have it in the house but just don't hook it up and until now I could get all the channels I pay for and have the ability to tape two shows while watching a third. Let's face it, generally there is either nothing on or 2-3 decent shows at once.

Now we have a new restriction which I am sure will make it impossible to do that. We will no longer be able to tape on the GoVideo which tapes on either DVD or VCR tape. We will therefore relegate one set to tape shows on major networks and to make copies of family tapes, etc. The mandate has made one of our pieces of equipment obsolete.

We have 3 sets in the house--in most folks' eyes "old" but they fit our needs and we wouldn't replace a unit until it malfunctioned. The government is hard at work, but for this one I have a feeling we have enough blame to go around and undoubtedly it is equally divided between lobbyists, Democrats and Republicans.

Oh, well, please have a good weekend--
God bless.............

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