Thursday, April 1, 2010

Education: Race to the Top

Remember the 15 state finalists plus D.C.? And how political it looked at the time? Well, Arne Duncan appears to have maintained his integrity by choosing only two schools who met the criteria: Delaware and Tennessee.

It looks like the major problem with the remaining schools was that the unions failed to sign on in the numbers necessary to facilitate the planning which would have culminated in a successful program.

They are going to have a second round of grants in September since there was $4.35 billion available for distribution and the two winners, don't hold em to this-I read it somewhere and can't find it, receoved somewhere around $5million and $1 million or maybe it was 50 and 10, but it was a 5-1 ratio.

According to the first information we looked at it seemed to indicate that charter schools would be a plus, but neither of these two states has much of a program there. We'll just have to wait and see and keep track of the progress.

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