Monday, March 22, 2010

Right to Life vs Bart Stupak/Democrats

Would you agree that it may be safe to say that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for any Democrat anywhere in the country, on any level to receive an endorsement from a Right to Life PAC after the Stupak fiasco?

The man has single-handedly destroyed the credibility of anyone who would have considered following in the footsteps of well known Governor and staunch Pro-Life Democrat from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, Sr. Now his son, Bob Jr., fills a Senate seat, but he is not the straight arrow that his father was as far as the life issue is concerned. He's more like Stupak, pragmatic and Democratic to the core.

Nobody believed me when I said that given a choice between the pro life position and following the party leader in Michigan as well as Washington the Democrat would always choose the party. Now we know for sure.

A group led by Repr. Tom McMillen are readying petitions in preparation involving getting the state to avoid putting the health care bill into active law in Michigan. If you are on Facebook you will find the information to join the effort. If not, please just leave a comment and tell me how to reach you.

One more thing this evening: a friend asked that I clarify my references to "garnisheeing Social Security." It was simply an analogy comparing the government taking the Medicare premium for seniors out of our Social Security check just as a company would take out a court ordered garnishee order for a bad debt of perhaps overdue child support. We never had the option of "opting out." It's mandatory.

Case in point: when I retired in 1997 I had excellent coverage through my company and could have simply paid the premium myself, but was not allowed to do so. We can only hope that the courts don't consider that a precedent. I hope this clears it up.

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