Saturday, March 6, 2010

Post Office For Sale?

Well, why not? It seems the bureaucrats running the place for the last few years would screw up a two car funeral so could someone else do any worse?

Just thinking--

Perhaps UPS and FedEx could form a corporation/subsidiary or whatever and do a lot better job. It seems to me that as large as the postal service is that economies of scale must enter into the picture somewhere along the line.

As with any government entity, without any stockholders to answer to, there is no down side to not making a profit. Right now they don't even have to make a profit, they only need to break even and they can't even do that!

If no one thinks that is doable, I wonder what a joint venture or even a co-op would be able to make a success of it. As I recall one of the first major airlines to go into bankruptcy some years ago now survives with employee ownership.

And no, I have no idea about any "world view" of the postal union or how it operates. However, I'm sure it doesn't enhance the bottom line.

Why am I bringing this up? Been thinking about it since I drove away giggling the day I saw a FedEx delivery truck parked in close proximity to a USPS mailbox with the driver depositing mail. Just think about it.

Have a blessed Sunday--
God bless.........

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