Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Takes a Little More Maturity to be President--

Does it sometimes seem that little Barry is just playing Air Force, or House, or school or doctor or whatever topic he decides to when he gets up in the morning?

Like when he calls up friends and has them dress up in white lab coats? And he had his physical this past weekend but was sure to have a "virtual" colonoscopy which is much less invasive than the kind allowed by Medicare? If seniors want the less dangerous procedure they have to pay for it from their own pocket. What a guy!

And he'll spend a whole year on health care but won't spend whatever it would take to twist Dick Durbin's arm to get vouchers in the schools in D.C. Like, don't worry guys, you can send your kids to private schools costing tuition in the thousands, but don't give the black kids in the District a break.

Maybe he'd rather plan an outing in his biggest toy, Air Force I. Where shall we go today? Who needs an apology? Sorry, Michelle, if I go to the Middle East you can't go because they won't welcome you anywhere they practice Shariah law.

When he gets back from the last trip maybe he'll be content to play White House Baron and be "at home" to some of the big wigs or major donors spreading around his favors.

Speaking of favors I'll bet the Medicaid favor to Nebraska, the big bucks to Louisiana and the "no tax on Cadillac plans" to unions are sticking in their throats when they see one little House Rep get a lifetime job for his brother in the 10th Circuit. They should have held out for something more personal.

To change the subject: Jim Bunning is my newest hero. Anyone who can show the hypocrisy of the rest of the Senate who just voted for PayGo by insisting that an extension of unemployment be paid for "PER THE LAW" and not one of them willing to obey the law is Aces in my book. What? Stand for a principle? Ha!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. It's getting so that we're in the "if we expect the worst and it's not quite, we get a pleasant surprise" mode, but there just aren't enough surprise days. Hope springs eternal--

God bless...........

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