Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taken Out of Context?

First example: I was traveling this evening at 6:00 and only heard the opening remarks of the President's interview with Bret Baier. The only way I would describe it would be to call the President's remarks and attitude belligerent. If anyone saw the entire interview and wants to correct me I'm open to criticism, but frankly, it appeared that he had memorized, since he didn't have teleprompters, his message even though it was extremely lengthy and antagonistic.

Second example: What's the deal with Congressman Conyers, who pulls down nearly $200,000 in salary, not being willing or able to hire a lawyer for his wife? Are we to believe that they file separate tax returns and this is a marriage in name only? It boggles the mind to start thinking of all the possibilities for this bizarre behavior.

Third example: I took part in a "conversation" with a young woman who described abortion as a "need" in certain situations and offered two scenarios to prove the point. In the first one a woman carried a child to term, brought him up as a single parent and the kid turned into an addict and an all around bad apple. The second had to do with having a child and putting "it" up for adoption and having a total breakdown because of it--not sure about this, it didn't make a lot of sense.

When I opined that killing a baby is just not the answer to bad situations instead of addressing the statement she indicated we need to spend the necessary monies to do a better job educating women and girls and said that no Democrat is happy at the thought of advising for abortion. So, why do they fight so hard for it? I just don't get it.

We should soon know if they shortcut the system--
We could say a little prayer...
God bless.........

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