Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on Sunday

First, is it me or did the Olympics seem to go really fast?

And am I the only one who doesn't feel bad about the Canadian hockey team winning?
Can't imagine the American public getting behind a team like they have.

Heard that the National Enquirer is eligible for a Pulitzer about the Edwards story.
Well, I don't know which rag it was in, but saw a headline at the market on one of those tabloid papers indicating that Obama puts in late night phone calls to Oprah. Just so you know, I'm sitting here shaking my head back and forth, back and forth - - -

Rumor has it that Rahm Emanuel may be leaving his post. Now there's one thing about Rahm. He appears pretty forceful and works to get the Prez to strike while the iron is hot, take no prisoners and get the job done quickly. If he leaves all we have to look forward to is talk and talk and talk and more talk.

If he's going to do the health care thing with Reconciliation, do it!
Then we'll know what we are up against and can plan accordingly. November 2 is just around the corner.

Let's hope for good things to happen this week--
God bless........

1 comment:

Bruce said...

Health Care Takeover!
I am sorry but now is not the time to throw in the towel against the Democrat Plan! My fear is that once it's in it's in, FOREVER!
Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to live the unliveable. Unemployed, living in poverty and dependent for all their needs on Democrats.