Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Y'all Come On In Now, Y'hear? The Borders are Officially Open!!

Are we all living lives of quiet desperation yet? I think we have met the enemy and he is definitely not us, he is an Unimpeachable President. I say that knowing it will never happen, but can't help thinking that one of the duties he voiced when he took the oath of office was to (and I can't quote it exactly) defend our country and one would assume that means having secure borders, would it not?

If we ever needed a demonstration of how important it is to have the power to name the judges who, when they are Democrats, are likely to change the law rather than enforce it. So just wait until Kagan teams up with Sotomayer and Ginsberg.

Back to the Arizona decision or at least what is purported to be a decision. It is, rather, sort of a pick and choose sort of game.

Grasping at straws is also a game of sorts. First thought: When the first assault occurs, and we can guarantee there will be some blood shed by Arizonans or others, or God forbid someone is murdered and his/her survivors are the ones to attempt to get some justice, how will it be manifested? Is there a snowball's chance that any one could sue Judge Bolton or our Attorney General for conspiracy, aiding or abetting or even giving aid or comfort to criminals? I'm sure someone with a lot more experience could come up with something to grab some attention. Of course the buck should stop with the President, but he has too many protectors.

Second thought: Since the Feds are not enforcing the law, would it be a possibility that some really gutsy guy or guys could make a citizen's arrest? They would probably try to call it vigilantism, but it seems to me to be worth a try.

It is just so distressing to see those who are supposed to be protecting the public not only shirk their duties but actively prohibit individuals from self defensive actions. Sorta reminds one of those two border patrol guys who were tried in court after they enforced a U.S. law.

There's just gotta be a way around an administration that cares little about its responsibilities and even less about the safety of the citizens. So sad--
God bless.........

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Anonymous said...


What we are dealing with here...are not "Oath Takers" so much as "Oath Breakers"!...And, All Too Sadly; there seems to be way Too Many of them on Both sides of the Aisle!!

To Quote the words of Jefferson..."The Tree of Liberty; Must, from time to time, Be Watered With the Blood of Patriots"...If We are to Remain Free!

I know you may not agree...Bur I Firmly Believe, that we are Rapidly Approaching one of Thise Times if we are ro Survive as a Free Nation, as Envisioned by the Founders!!

For all those who labor under the "Misapprehension" that History does NOT Repeat Itself...I offer to you, another Quote from Shakespeare...Penned some 2+ Centuries Earlier..."HAMLET: To be, or not to be--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them....