Friday, July 16, 2010

Does Obama Have to Go Outdoors to Smoke?

Have we all been as selfish as Obama and the liberals are accusing and labeling us? How do you feel about being told that:

You should not take your kids to McDonald's for a Happy Meal?
You must either get up an hour earlier or give up something you are doing to be sure you and your children exercise an hour a day. Why? Michelle says so.

Be sure your figure out what you can live without in exchange for the extra taxes you need to pay for higher energy costs when you budget.
Do not even think about our country becoming energy self-sufficient. There will be no more oil wells drilled no matter how many jobs are lost or energy costs rise. Everything "Green" will have to be subsidized. We will pay for it in taxes even if we can't afford the finished product like $40,000 electric or hybrid cars.

Play nice with Islamist jihadists. We mustn't hurt their feelings even though they want to build a mosque near Ground Zero as a symbol of their superior abilities and the battle they won there.

Get ready to pay more for rationed health care and even more than that if you decide it's worth the black market price. Examples:

Be prepared to receive medical attention based on your BMI or your age or your personal life style as determined by a Board of "expert bureaucrats" which us peasants know is actually a Death Panel for the elderly. If you're not in that category yet, but are over weight you may not get a knee replacement until you lose weight since that's "part of your problem" and you have contributed to your condition. If you smoke, we know it's not smart, but if you do you may be denied any number of procedures. If you have adult onset diabetes you will also be
categorized as to treatment possibilities.

I could go on, but it's too depressing. You get the picture and I'll bet you can make a list longer than this.

Try to have a cool weekend and look up at the sky for balloons-
God bless..........

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