Monday, July 5, 2010

NETANYAHU or WAYNE LAPIERRE? Who Gets the Headline?

That should be easy-on a Good News, Bad News format, the Bad News usually goes first, right?

So Wayne is the Judas of the day. Looks like he made a deal with the devil to get one of the "preferred status" positions when looking at campaign finance restrictions. So NRA gets the preferential treatment accorded to the liberal Democrat groups who don't have to put a disclaimer on any of their advertising while Conservative Republicans have to have photos of CEOs plus names and who knows what all to make life tough for anyone else. Payback appears to be endorsement of Harry Reid who really knows how to cut a deal, doesn't he? Give me a break! I hope he likes the cozy feeling of being lumped together with NARAL, Sierra Club, George Soros and anyone else who really hates guns while his friends go begging. Thanks, Wayne.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, let's hope that Netanyahu has the patience and moxie to see through the Obama game with all the kowtowing and staying at Blair House and just generally scraping and bowing. How is this meeting so different from the last one when rudeness was the tone of the day from the White House?

Well, folks, don't forget this is campaign season and the Democrats just can't afford to lose the Jewish vote or the big Jewish donors. So they will play nice until after the elections when they can go back to stroking the Palestinians who still figure it is their duty to destroy Israel and kill all infidels along with Hezbollah and all those other terrorist groups. So let's hope Netanyahu doesn't give up anything while he sits and waits them out. We can pray for good news on this front.

Let's just hope that the destruction of Israel isn't just a dry run or practice for our own demise.

One other thing. An American company is faced with losing their oil wells to Hugo Chavez' nationalization of American property. They have said they will not produce more until Venezuela pays them what they are owed so Chavez is just going to take all their property. And guess what--not a word from the Obama administration. Let's do a group shoulder shrug since could we realistically have expected anything else?

Try to keep cool--
God bless..........

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