Monday, July 12, 2010

Things Really Do Change-

This is off the usual subject matter, but today furnished an unexpected awakening. While looking for a particular book, I came across a folder almost hidden beside a tall book at the end of the shelf and figured it probably should be tossed. Before doing so, however, I opened the cover to see what appeared to be essays assigned in class since they were hand written and just over a page or two in length. The class? Philosophy. Of course I spent about a half hour or so checking out a few of them, but what a surprise!

There is no way I could duplicate the thought process of so many years ago. Perhaps if the reading and discussion preceding the writing could be duplicated, yes. However, the times and culture have changed so much over the years that it would inevitably change some of the conclusions. My handwriting has even changed.

If you have something like that hanging around I recommend taking a peek. It might help you recognize why you are the way you are now. Plato and the shadows on the cave wall, anyone?

Draw a correlation to the debate which has only four participants--what is your perception and how would you explain it to someone who has never witnessed a classical debate? And who is the final judge for the missing candidate? Abstract or intrinsic information influences different people different ways. Hmmmm.

A part of this election will soon be over and if you do not participate you have failed the citizenship test in my book. I trust you will not only vote yourself, but will encourage friends and neighbors to vote AFTER THEY STUDY THE POSITIONS OF THE CANDIDATES and issues if they are on your ballot.

God bless..........

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