Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bumper Sticker: Abortion is NOT Healthcare!

But that means nothing to the people administering the new law. Looks like the pilot program winner is Pennsylvania who will receive $160 million to put together the insurance pool for abortions. Presumably they are responsible for the prototype that the rest of the country can then follow. Who was Obama trying to kid when he said that wouldn't happen?

And Mr. Berick, the romantic, strikes again. He says end of life decisions should be made by a group of people who are somewhat removed from doctors and family; that strangers can be more objective in making those decisions. How's that again? Didn't quite hear you. A Death Panel you say? Sure sounds like it.

Question: What will be the base insurance plan acceptable to the government below which folks will be fined or incarcerated if they don't meet the criteria? Because it just becomes obvious after meeting a group of very healthy octogenarians the other day they wondered if Medicare is sufficient. And if not, why not? It is government sponsored after all. Old people should be allowed to play the game of wanting insurance after a disease shows up.

Example: If a senior is willing and able to pay for Medicare and then pay the doctor the difference between what he billed and what Medicare paid, shouldn't they be able to? If they take few prescriptions and it's cheaper than carrying pharmaceutical coverage, shouldn't they be able to pay that cost themselves? Then if they develop a disease shouldn't they be able to go out and get insurance later like younger folks?

Wonder what Mr. Schauer will say to those questions.......

God bless......

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