Thursday, July 8, 2010

There's Arrogance and then There's Arrogance--

There's Obama and there's LeBrons. Now I ask you, who has the bigger head? And who deserves the praise? At this particular moment I'm thinking it would be the basketball player since he hasn't had a period of time when he hasn't performed to potential. Knowing nothing about the young man (here it is after 11 and I have no clue where he will play next season) all I do know is that he is extremely popular and exceedingly good at what he does as reported by all the guys who make a living doing what all little kids would do for nothing if given the chance.

Obama had that kind of adulation a year and a half ago, but times have changed for him, us and the country as a whole. I've told you before that I'm a Judge Judy fan and one of her adages has to do with not having to have a good memory if you tell the truth. One of life's little lessons never learned by our President. He is just as good as Bill Clinton who could look at a film clip or listen to a tape of himself and deny that he didn't mean what he said. Good grief!

We should just hope that there aren't too many of their ilk running around. We'll get through this term, we always do, but the mop up is going to take considerably more work than ever before. And I hope Mr. James let all of those disappointed fans down easy.

It should be a bit cooler tomorrow--
God bless........

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