Friday, July 30, 2010

Cynicism or Acceptance--

With the advent of Charlie Rangel's improprieties coming to the forefront, the reaction of pundits, his contemporaries - Congressmen and women, plus the general public it really is a bit of a surprise that no one appears to be in the mood to bring a cheat to justice.

It also brought thoughts of other public figures who have been found out to be, shall we say, less than honest? Guys in high places such as Geithner who also cheated on his taxes, but it made no difference to anyone and he is named Secretary of the Treasury. I'm not going to start making a list, but you all know you could add at least one and there would be few duplications.

So the question is: Is dishonesty and cheating, primarily among political leaders, so prevalent that it is just accepted practice now? Or has the general public really become so cynical that the "everybody does it" syndrome pervades every aspect of our lives? We won't go into the cases of the clergy either tom-catting around or having extra marital affairs, but mention it just to demonstrate there are no barriers or exceptions from one profession to another. Maybe a lot of divorce has made it more acceptable.....

I really have no judgments to make nor do I have an answer for the root cause of bad behavior, just that it is a very sad and disappointing circumstance.

Maybe we had one little hint. Back when President Clinton committed perjury and caused many of his staff people to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for legal assistance when called before a grand jury at that time and absolutely nothing happened to him for setting a truly bad example for everyone, from children to adults, we may have seen the handwriting on the wall.

Have we ever witnessed anyone express true sorrow for their actions? Or have we seen the repeated "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" with the unspoken but obvious thought that they were mostly sorry that they were caught. Go figure.

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