Friday, July 9, 2010

Monarchy? Death Panels? Who is Rick Reed?

We'll try to answer these questions.

1-Since we now have a King who has surrounded himself with Czars who are responsible to no one except the Monarch and it's a vicious circle to try to find anyone who has the authority to level justice against the unjust Justice Department we are only an inch or so away from anarchy. Who woulda thunk that a vote for Change would take so little time? We need to shout WAKE UP from the housetops!

2-Sarah Palin is owed an apology. When she used the term Death Panels she was scoffed at and ridiculed and guess what. Mr. Berwick has absolutely described exactly the Death Panel and the high level bureaucrats who will make the decisions.

3-If you have seen a black and white ad about the goings on at the Manoogian Mansion and AG Cox' lack of reaction you may have noticed the disclaimer that it was paid for by the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America. I'll save you the time to google it. The head honcho is a guy named Rick Reed who, as one of his talents, will point out to anyone who will listen, the foibles of folks he doesn't think "measure up." Apparently he was the author of the "Swift Boat" ads. His Home page on the website indicates he is non-partisan.

Don't know about you, but my first take was that it was a credit to Mark Brewer, but was surprised that he didn't wait until the general election. Can't quite figure out the timing on this one. And if he's non partisan, it must just be that he doesn't like Mike Cox, the rest are OK?

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Anonymous said...

Lola...Feel free to e-mail me or call my office at 703-247-2700 if you have specific questions. If you just want more info on me you can check out If you'd like more info on the ads airing in Michigan, including the supporting documentation, you will find that at Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not a Mike Cox fan for the reasons cited in the ads to which you refer, but have no ties to any candidates running for Governor. Have a great day Lola! All the best, Rick Reed