Thursday, July 29, 2010

Californians Boycotting Arizona?

Do you suppose they packed their lunch and carried their bedrolls with them? All those protesters from the left coat who came to protest had to eat and sleep somewhere and I'm sure they didn't want to spend any money in that despicable state.

That total jerk, head of ICE Morton and an accomplice, Mr. Bersin of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the WSJ readers today.

"Illegal crossings were down 23% last year, to a fraction of their all-time high." Really? Gee, 7/8 is a fraction, right? Who cares what it as actually? There are undoubtedly many reasons why crossings are down, such as: poor job market here; fear of the gang wars in border areas; the fact that Americans have been advised NOT to visit at least 3 Mexican cities--it just isn't safe in those border areas; others of which we're unaware.

"Today, the Border Patrol is better staffed........nearly doubling its personnel since 2004..." Hmmmm-any chance that a good share of the increased numbers were noted from 2004-2009? Do they really think folks don't absorb what they read any better than that? Those were Bush years! Obama's 1200 which have been identified as mostly desk jobs just doesn't cut it.

The Sheriff in the county next to Tucson reported today that the statistics for that area were 200,000 crossings along that county line for 2,000 per mile. Would you be boasting of that kind of record? Didn't think so.

This is just scandalous!
God bless.....

ps-I reported a couple of days ago that the NRA was afraid Schumer would be the next Senate majority leader. Today I found a piece that indicated Dick Durbin and Chuckie are fighting it out.

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