Friday, July 2, 2010

Fifth Grade Humor

After finishing a book whose main characters are computer geeks and detectives against bad guys and computer cheaters and how they got that way it reminded me of what I used to call 5th grade humor when I had 4 boys at home. One liked long, drawn out shaggy dog stories while another liked riddles and the next was only interested in mechanical things and knock, knock jokes. It is interesting to watch them grow up and make the life's decisions after knowing the starting points.

What does this have to do with humor and politics? Only that they thought it hilarious to call someone on the phone and ask for Prince Albert in a can--see, you remember it also, right?

Well, it made me think that if the administration won't take the immigration violence seriously if we put it in the hands of kids, they could call various offices of ICE, the White House or the Dept. of Justice and report invasions.

You have to understand the book I finished spoke about The Blue Nowhere, another name for cyberspace, and hacking into the Defense Dept's computers - the starting point. It just made me think that maybe innocent kids who aren't playing politics could come up with better ideas than some of the so-called grown ups in Washington.

Have a happy Fourth of July weekend!
God bless..........

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Happy 4rth of July to you too- and Happy Reading!