Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Falling Credit Ratings, Stroking Muslims and Remote Controls

Statistics were released yesterday indicating that over 25% of the public have credit scores too low to enable them to buy a home. Duh! I have no idea how long these kinds of statistics have been available, but I would be willing to bet a sizable amount of coin that there have always been about 25% of the public who do not qualify for a mortgage, but they knew it and found something to rent instead.

Here we are, however, in the 20th century where Frank, Dodd and Barak through the Community Organizations have convinced folks that everyone should have a home and "we're from the government and we're here to help you. We'll just have you sign on the dotted line with Fannie or Freddie and we'll have you all set up."

Then, of course, the inevitable happened, payments were not made, bank notes came due and the roof fell in and we are just now emerging from a recession the likes of which most have not before experienced.

As for stroking Muslims, who're you gonna believe? A NASA spokesperson who told us what the President had directed him to do or the White House mouthpiece? Right, the guy who has never lied to us before and has no reason to start now.

And last, a bit of humor. There is a comic strip "Baby Blues" in which yesterday the Father jumped from the couch to "replace the batteries in the remote." The wife inquires as to whether he does everything the remote suggests and the answer is something like, "of course." So wife programs the remote to show the message "go pick up your dirty socks in the bedroom," as a joke. (Comment-I'd be curious just to see how far he'd go with it.)

Today's strip shows him reading the message, jumping from the couch on the way to pick up his dirty socks thinking "Wow, that's amazing!" Little girl looks up at Mom and says "Well, aren't you mad that he does what the remote says and not what you say?" Mom counters with, "No wife or mother every got mad after discovering a gold mine."

Thought you'd like a chuckle--
God bless........

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