Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Thomas Sowell Fable

Today Thomas Soewll's column, in case you missed it, talked about the old Charlie Brown comic in which Lucy kept taking the football away when Charlie Brown tried to kick it and he landed on his backside. Every time she promised not to do it again and every time she did it again and Charlie Brown just could not learn the lesson or he was the most naive comic strip character ever drawn. Mr. Sowell seems to think that Republicans are akin to Charlie Brown.

The Democrats through the years have promised that they would cut spending if the Republicans would only vote for a tax increase one more time and every time they acquiesced they got the tax cut and then changed their minds about spending cuts.

And isn't "change" at the heart of this administration and should we expect anything different? This time, however, it seems to me that they are doing the spending damage first and being the dutiful little soldiers Republicans are, they will be painted into a corner and the "responsible" thing to do to save us from bankruptcy will be to fall in line and vote for VAT or some such tax increase. Of course, it also appears that most people are already agreed that when Obama lets the Bush tax cuts expire it will be across the board and no matter the income level, we will all be taxed at a higher rate.

He quotes the President: "Next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits step up. Because I'm calling their bluff."

Can't imagine that the Finance Commission's recommendations will be voted on before the election so the only thing we can do is to exact a binding promise from any conservative we elect that they will not vote for any kind of tax increase. We need to have a drumbeat which will echo throughout the land. And we can take nothing for granted.

Another day or so of this heat so try to keep cool-
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