Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NAACP and Union Similarities

Just can't help comparing those two.

The structure in both cases is members on the lower levels who work their buns off and send in their dues which are used by the men and women in the upper echelons who make six figure salaries ostensibly to "represent" the membership when in fact there is apparently no "grass roots" and the agenda is set from the top down.

In the NAACP's case the locals plan, work and generate funds through projects and then they get to go to State meetings and in some cases National meetings to be told how to publicize the organization's good works. The leadership lives it up in style.

The unions take as much as they want out of the dues to pay themselves the big bucks, grease the palms of political movements and generally enjoy their exalted positions.

But let's talk about the dirty little secret: the local membership are our neighbors and friends who have the same goals and ideals that are common to all of us and have no resemblance to those nuts who think they have to make headlines. All they do is give the organization a bad name and the local membership is not just a little embarrassed by the whole thing.

I got through to a call in show the other day whose host declared that the NAACP is irrelevant and told him if you only look at the leadership it would be easy to come to that conclusion. But if you look around you there is evidence that there is still illegal discrimination in the workplace and other areas that need to be rectified. You don't hear about it but very quietly the problem is decreasing and it's due to just plain every day folks doing their jobs and interacting the way God planned it all.

Let's keep up the fight-
God bless.........

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