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It used to be that if you didn't want anything attributed to you it was important that you didn't "put it in writing." It still is, of course, but add to that the fact that videos complete with sound can be taped at the drop of a hat by anyone who happens to be within spitting distance.

Read a report the other day about how the media reports certain incidents either by putting some front and center and others are just ignored. Of course it is nearly totally dependent on who uttered the words. There were several examples set forth, but the ones that stuck out front and center for me were those by Michelle Obama.

Apparently there was an agreement, spoken or just "understood among friends" that she would get a pass on her opinion that until her husband was nominated for the Presidency she had never been proud of America. The second was that this country is "mean spirited."

Now that it looks like she is working so hard to get all the kids to slim down that she will go to any lengths to get that job done. The rumors are flying as to whether or not some schools will levy fines on kids who are overweight. Also that some schools are finding ways to put the information on report cards thereby making it a part of a formal record. (Up until now most younger kids didn't have to worry about the "permanent record" that follows them to college or beyond, but now who knows?)

The elites of this country are so focused on the redesign of our country that I can't see where the control will stop. Set your thermostat at___, get up at ___am, go to bed at ____pm, have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day, go to the bank, the dry cleaners, the grocery store, car wash on _____day, check your internet using only 18 minutes per day or some such. Go to this doctor, this dentist, this movie, this school or college or this apprenticeship and buy this brand. There will be no end to this.

Scarier and scarier--
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Anonymous said...


As we have discussed many times...And yes, I know that we dont always agree on the reasons...but I have watched this situation develop over the last 30 years or so, and "Lived it First-Hand"!

Thanks to the "Educational Elitists", and "Profit at Any Price" Corporate Mentality...We have reached a point where Apprenticeships, of any type, are things of the past; uness run by Companies with Forsight, or the few remaining "Craft Unions".

Unfortunately, no-longer honors or Promotes Any kind of Manual Labor or Skill as a Viable Career Choice!


Anonymous said...


That last paragraph...Should begin: Unfortunately,Our Society,no-longer honors or promotes....

For some reason I messed up when I tried to edit it before posting...Sorry,