Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's the Formula? Votes vs. Casualties-

I'm serious. The Obama administration and Dept. of Justice certainly have a number in mind when considering how many lives may be lost or damaged before someone yells STOP! How many Hispanic votes do they anticipate it will take to declare victory not only this fall, but in 2012 as well.

There is no way this use of our tax monies to attack an individual state plus supporting a foreign government's right to sue one of the United States is anything but a political event. It has to be all about getting the Hispanic vote--this is politics at its most sickening.

The first front of this war against Arizona is to cede the acreage in the public park lands to Mexico with great signs warning Arizonans and other Americans from crossing the borders of the land they have given away.

The federal government is spending our tax money (which certainly has not been justified through the budget process of not adding to the debt--rather, cut something before new spending is given a go) while Arizona has to ask their friends to make donations in order for them to defend themselves.

I don't even know the legal definition of this kind of action. Whatever they call it, there has to be a way for the American public to find out the true nature of the people who are supposed to represent us and keep us secure. In your dreams.

Obama must have some ulterior motive for sucking up to the Muslims nearly on a daily basis. If he thinks playing nicely will do the trick, he is sadly mistaken. The Islamist terrorists just don't play fair and never will. Homeland Security is a farce and the sooner the American voter faces facts, the sooner we can try to do something about it.

Please, Lord, bless and protect our country.......

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Anonymous said...

In the course of a long and "Eventful" Life...I have had occasionto become Firmly Convinceed in the Power of Prayer!

Bur I also heard something said years ago, by a Very Wise and Spiritual Man, that has stuck with me ever since...and has served me in good stead, when faced with difficult circumstances.

I think its quite appropriate in considering the current political situation...

He said to me: "My son; Faith Can Indeed, Move Mountains...If you Believe it Enough...and Remember to Bring along Your Own Shovel!

Methinks we have Much Work Ahead!