Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is the Definition of "Unemployed?"

Why do I ask?

There was an article in today's paper reporting on the quarterly political contributions to the 7th district candidates for Congress. The amounts were about what you would expect but the examples of categories, though limited, certainly piqued my interest.

Why or how would you explain the fact that 25 people who were listed as "unemployed" managed to contribute $14,225? That is an average of $569 each. Those of us who are retired do not list our occupations as unemployed, but "retired."

I guess I can see that there might be a couple of independently wealthy people who really didn't want to divulge their personal income information, but I can't quite figure out the rest of them who would be expected to be drawing unemployment compensation either being able to afford to make a sizeable contribution or who would be living off their savings and unemployment and make a decision to give away that kind of cash.

There's one other scenario I can think of. That would be that money changed hands from a wealthy source, PAC or business ending up in the hands of someone who is unemployed signing the check. Just saying, it's a possibility.

Am I missing something obvious? If so, I apologize and stand corrected, but I just can't help wondering...

Again, try to stay cool and maybe think of elderly neighbors without a/c-
God bless.......

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