Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?


And I think that is the total difference between what has been in the headlines for the last year as far as politics goes, along with the depressing reaction after watching a bunch of politicians jockeying for position-

and what a joy it is to watch young people who have set goals early in life get up in front of the world with confidence that they have worked hard and respect each other for the effort they have all expended. They are Olympic athletes who have so many ordinary people cheering them on. It must be heady stuff.

It is truly uplifting to look at the college kids excel in their sports even though only a few will ever consider the work involved in going for either the Pro teams or the Olympics.

You gotta wonder who the grown ups are. And please don't even think about comparing a campaign to the 24/7/365 times the years involved in a sports dedication. There is no way anyone can "buy" their way into a championship. Doubly tough when it's a team effort.

So that's my thought for today and this weekend-
I'll be watching the dedicated few for the next few days-

God bless..........

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