Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Armchair Psychology 101

Husband and I were talking about how sometimes politics involves sounding just like a couple of gossips chattering over the back fence.

Back in the day if I remember correctly, we were given a definition of a gossip which went something like: gossips really have an inferiority complex. When they gossip, they tend to bring others down which makes them feel much better about themselves.

I'm sorta reminded of that when I hear people who are always critical of others which makes them feel better about themselves. Does this remind you of anyone? Anyone who blames someone else for all the problems they have? Anyone who sometimes "says" he takes the responsibility, but it never changes his behavior? Anyone who says "the buck stops with me" but always manages to infer that the problem is with someone else?

I know it sounds counter intuitive when describing highly placed individuals, but think about it. Just a thought..........

And why is it that whenever the President or any of his spokespersons address an issue they talk as though they are instructors in the classroom and the audience knows nothing? I'm thinking that anyone who watches law and order type shows which demonstrate forensics and human nature -- even 24 -- has a pretty good idea of what is going on in government agencies. It just seems everyone is playing for the camera like Blair did the last couple of days.

One other thing. I don't drive a Toyota, but if I did, the only way they'd keep me or get me back as a customer would be by giving me a rental car while they are waiting for parts and installation.

Don't forget Jackson County's Lincoln Day event on Thursday, the 18th. Just go to to make a reservation. Your opportunity to meet the candidates.

Sleep well--
God bless............


Anonymous said...

While speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama mispronounced the word "Corpsman" as "corpse-man" Three times. Evidently his teleprompter doesn't come with a pronunciation guide. He is ignorant about military life.

Lola Peterson said...

Oh, good grief!