Saturday, February 27, 2010

Phooey on the Census Bureau!

You are not going to believe the latest stunt they are using to "educate" the public on what the census is all about. They have to think the country is full of idiots.

Read in the paper that the people of Jackson County are invited to an event at the Michigan Theater to learn about the why and wherefores of the census from a group who are touring the country and if you want, you can tell a bit of your own history to be recorded for the ages.

The tour is going to cover 800, count 'em, 800 stops across the country with a price tag of $3000 each! That is TWO MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! They are expecting and hoping for a crowd of around 200. That is TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH for each attendee in Jackson County. Maybe the cost is less in more populated areas, but really.......

They say that "most" of the "Three Large" as the younger generations calls a thousand these days will be spent on freebies such as T shirts, hats, etc., but I'm sure there is ample cash to pay the local coordinators a few hundred each.

The more money they spend, the more I'm thinking the only answer they deserve for their arrogance is "There are two people and a dog living in this house" and refuse to answer any further questions. I'm pretty sure the Constitution doesn't demand any more information than that, unless some Congress passed a law for more invasion of our privacy.

Anyone out there up for a test case?

APOLOGIES! I skipped a step in figuring out the costs per attendee. It's "only" $150 per.

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