Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama Teaching Us to Trust by Lying More Smoothly?

He really has a low opinion of the American public, doesn't he?

A PayGo Commission is supposed to work with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans picked by each party, but he gets to have not just one, but four tie-breakers chosen by Himself. And given that he picked Erskine Bowles already, remember him? His last job was a political assignment with Hillary's campaign, so who's he trying to kid about bi-partisanship?

His picks will undoubtedly be some of the people he had picked for Czar positions but hasn't had time to appoint as yet, or are so far out there even the Democrats will throw a hissy fit.

Besides, why does he need outside suggestions? He campaigned on having the best ideas going and should not need any input from anyone else. Or maybe Soros and his cronies think it would look better this way and give them a place to spread the blame when it fails.

And by the way, why was the Dali Lama escorted from the White House past the trash?

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